à la carte menu


Buffalo Caprese

Buffalo mozzarella aubergines, tomato,Tagische olives

€ 12

Creamed Codfish
and paprika chips

(homemade fried dough)
€ 12


with goat, soy sauce, avocado
€ 14

with strawberry, celery and balsamic vinegar
€ 16

Prawns Catalan
served with red onion,tomato,celery Maldon salt and Apulian frisella
€ 15

Beef tartare
 salt and black pepper with Bufalo cheese tomato and balsamic reduction 

€ 13

Tuna Tartare 

with fresh mango lime and sesame

€ 15

Barracudino’s classic dishes

Roasted octopus tentacles
with saffron potatoes
€ 15

Milanese Mondeghili
meatballs served with Russian salad
€ 10

Vitello tonnato
(cold veal with tuna sauce)
with crunchy celery and caper powder
€ 12

Jamon iberico de bellota
with pan y tomate by the company “Admiracion Blàzquez”
€ 20

Culatello (italian ham)
and fresh Burrata cheese
served with rosemary thin bread sticks
€ 13

Main course

Codfish Ravioli

Sautéed butter and anchovies and Mediterranean sauce
€ 14

Fresh orecchiette (twisted pasta)
with crispy speck (smoked ham), prawns, zucchini, on a parmesan fondue
€ 13

Cacio & Pepe and….
pasta with cheese and black pepper… and sea urchins
€ 16

Pacchero pasta and Buffalo cheese

with three tomato sauce and fresh basil

€ 14

Spaghettone Felicetti pasta black edition
big spaghetti with fermented black garlic, chili pepper, prawns tartare and Burrata cheese
€ 15

Scialatiello pasta with clams

With mullet roe and chopped parsley and lime

€ 16

Our risotto
° “Acquerello Carnaroli Rice Superfino” is a unique Italian rice aged and restored with its own vital essence; whole grain, shelled and savory for a tastier, richer and healthier rice.

Risotto Carnaroli San Massimo peas and bresaola 
Parmesan creamed risotto with cream of peas and bresaola julienne.
(min.2 people)
€ 16

Risotto Carnaroli San Massimo and Saffron
rice with raw prawns and gin, Burrata cream and licorice powder
(min.2 people)
€ 15

Meat dishes:

Baby “Borgogna” cockerel
deboned baby cockerel from Bordogna, marinated in two mustard sauces
€ 16

Mc. Barracudino
300g selected meat, toasted bread, cheddar, salad, bacon, tomato, sweet and sour onion, served with roasted potato
€ 15

Milanese cutlet
450g breaded veal cutlet, cooked in clarified butter and Maldon Sea salt and mayonnaise
€ 28

Grilled sliced beef 
Argentine sirloin marinated with herbs, served with wild arugula and parmesan cheese
€ 20

Grilled sliced beef
Argentine sirloin served with red chicory.
€ 25

Chateaubriand steak
(from 400g to 1500g)
served with spinach, mustard sauce, green peppercorn and roasted potatoes
€13 per 100g

Steak tartare
as we like it!

Beef tenderloin

Grilled beef tenderloin with Maldon Sea salt
served with fresh spinach and sweet and sour onions
€ 24

Grilled beef tenderloin with Dijon mustard
with brandy sauce and green peppercorn
€ 25


Beef tenderloin in speck crust (smoked ham)
with parmesan ‘al gratin’ and herbs
€ 26


Fresh tuna tataki
Freshly scalded with carpione vegetables and black garlic mayonnaise
€ 20

 Branzino with herbs (European bass)
baked au gratin with sweet and sour red cabbage
€ 20

Baked salmon steaks

With mustard and honey sauce, fennel salad and licorice powder

€ 19

Seared tuna
served with citrus, anchovies fillets, celery, creamy Burrata cheese and capers powder
€ 19

Grilled Scampi or Jumbo shrimp
with lime peel
€ 21

Side dishes

Classic roasted potatoes
€ 5

Seasonal side salad
green or mixed
€ 5

Fresh spinach
in extra virgin olive oil
€ 6

Grilled vegetables
€ 6

Friarielli turnip top
with garlic oil and chili pepper
€ 6


Lava cake
Warm 72% cocoa chocolate lava cake
served with vanilla ice cream and Maldon salt
€ 7

with amaretto biscuit crumble
served in a cappuccino mug
€ 6

Hazelnut cream
with mascarpone mousse, gianduja cream, salted caramel
served with crumble and hazelnut ice cream

N.Y. Cheesecake
with apricot jams

€ 6

Sicilian Cannolo

whit sheep ricotta & candied fruit

€ 6 

Vanilla milkshake with Braulio
€ 7

With vanilla ice cream and Grand Marnier
€ 6

Sorbets and ice creams
€ 5