à la carte menu


Aubergine parmigiana
with buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes, smoked scamorza and basil
€ 9

Prawns tempura
prawns tails and vegetable tempura with sour-sweet-spicy sauce
€ 12

Creamed Codfish
and gnocco fritto

(homemade fried dough)
€ 12


with basmati rice, soy sauce, avocado
€ 13


with peaches, celery and balsamic vinegar
€ 16


served in three different variants: oil and Maldon salt, apples and lemon, soy sauce and almonds
€ 14


Beef tartare
oil, salt and black pepper with Sardinian pecorino cheese and rocket
€ 13

Barracudino’s classic dishes

Roasted octopus tentacles
with grilled potato and paprika
€ 14


Milanese Mondeghili
meatballs served with italian Giardiniera (pickled vegetables in vinegar)
€ 10


Vitello tonnato
(cold veal with tuna sauce)
with crunchy celery and caper powder
€ 12


Jamon iberico de bellota
with pan y tomate by the company “Admiracion Blàzquez”
€ 20


Culatello (italian ham)
and fresh Burrata cheese
served with tigelle (flat bread) and lard
€ 13

Main course

Kamut khorasan tagliatelle

with duck ragù and grated baked ricotta
€ 12

Fresh orecchiette (twisted pasta)
with crispy speck (smoked ham), prawns, zucchini, on a parmesan fondue
€ 12

Cacio & Pepe and….
pasta with cheese and black pepper… and sea urchins
€ 15

Pacchero pasta with rockfish sauce
with fresh tomatoes, Taggiasca Olives, anchovies fillets and lime flavored bread
€ 14

Spaghettone Felicetti pasta black edition
big spaghetti with fermented black garlic, chili pepper, prawns tartare and Burrata cheese
€ 13

Our risotto
° “Acquerello Carnaroli Rice Superfino” is a unique Italian rice aged and restored with its own vital essence; whole grain, shelled and savory for a tastier, richer and healthier rice.

Porcini Acquerello Carnaroli risotto
rice with porcini , potato e rosemary
(min.2 people)
€ 16


Saffron Acquerello Carnaroli risotto
rice with raw prawns and gin, Burrata cream and licorice powder
(min.2 people)
€ 16

Meat dishes:

Baby “Borgogna” cockerel
deboned baby cockerel from Bordogna, marinated in two mustard sauces
€ 16

Mc. Barracudino
300g selected meat, toasted bread, cheddar, salad, bacon, tomato, sweet and sour onion, served with baked potato
€ 15

Milanese cutlet
450g breaded veal cutlet, cooked in clarified butter and Maldon Sea salt and mayonnaise
€ 26

Grilled beef tagliata 1
Argentine sirloin marinated with herbs, served with wild arugula and parmesan cheese
€ 19

Grilled beef tagliata 2
Argentine sirloin served with spinach and olive oil, Colonnata lard and honey
€ 21

Chateaubriand steak
(from 400g to 1500g)
served with spinach, mustard sauce, green peppercorn and roasted potatoes
€13 per 100g

Steak tartare
as we like it!
€ 19

Beef tenderloin

Grilled beef tenderloin with Maldon Sea salt
served with fresh spinach and sweet and sour onions
€ 24


Grilled beef tenderloin with Dijon mustard
with brandy sauce and green peppercorn
€ 25


Beef tenderloin in speck crust (smoked ham)
with parmesan ‘al gratin’ and herbs
€ 26


Fresh tuna tataki
with soya sauce, served with red sauerkraut salad and caesar sauce
€ 19

Saltfish cooked at low temperature
served with grilled polenta and crispy bacon
€ 17

Grilled Branzino (European bass)
in pistacchio crust served with black rise vener and steamed vegetables 
€ 20

Seared tuna
served with citrus, anchovies fillets, celery, creamy Burrata cheese and capers powder
€ 19

Grilled Scampi or Jumbo shrimp
with lime peel
€ 21

Deviled squid

cooked with tomato sauce, Taggiasca olives, chili pepper, tabasco and toasted bread
€ 22

Side dishes

Classic roasted potatoes
€ 5


Seasonal side salad
green or mixed
€ 5


Fresh spinach
in extra virgin olive oil
€ 6


Grilled vegetables
€ 6


with garlic oil and chili pepper
€ 6


Lava cake
Warm 72% cocoa chocolate lava cake
served with vanilla ice cream and Maldon salt
€ 7

with amaretto biscuit crumble
served in a cappuccino mug
€ 6

Hazelnut cream
with mascarpone mousse, gianduja cream, salted caramel
served with crumble and hazelnut ice cream

Our “coppa del nonno”
coffee ice cream with crumble and coffee caramel

Sicilian cannoli
creamy ricotta, chocolate wafer and orange zest

Sbrisolona cake (crumb cake)
with coffee mascarpone cream
€ 5

Vanilla milkshake with Braulio
€ 7

With vanilla ice cream and Grand Marnier
€ 6

Sorbets and ice creams
€ 5